Hello Friends! Welcome to something that I have been wanting to start for a very long time- a fashion and beauty blog! Between school,work, and practicing, its been difficult to find the energy to pull this together, but I decided that now was the time (though I don’t know how often I will post just yet).

My fascination with fashion and makeup began in high school, where I would constantly push the envelope of what was considered the casual wardrobe for school. Through the years, I have been through a goth phase, bohemian, preppy, elegant, tomboy- you name it, I’ve worn it. Now, I think its pretty safe to say that my style is an eclectic mix of all of the above (with the occasional pair of yoga pants).

Makeup, on the other hand, is a different story. My obsession with it began when I started to watch YouTube videos of now famous beauty gurus. I soon started to practice on myself, and have recently started doing makeup for others. I can’t quite explain why I like it; there’s a strange satisfactory feeling that comes from trying a new product. Perhaps its because I feel that makeup is what brings my outfits together; and its always nice to see other people so happy when their makeup has been done the way they want.

Not quite sure what this will become-its intent is to be a place where I post reviews on beauty products I like and dislike, along with the occasional outfit post. Whatever it may be, I hope you have fun reading the opinions of your typical makeup geek!